Lang rang Macca on the ABC first up Sunday morning and the interview went to air sometime during the morning. Quite a number of people have commented upon hearing our message on the radio.

The banks of the Barcoo, Blackall.

Our day in Blackall was great. Virginia Waker, the local Community Officer, organised for us to go to the Golf Club’s annual presentation and Christmas lunch at their club house. We were made very welcome, had a lovely meal and Carl and I had the opportunity to deliver our message to everyone present. Apart from the blokes talking to blokes my role has become convincing the ladies to encourage their men to look after themselves.

Lieutenant Towner, VC, MC. Blackall

In the evening we had a talk with the locals and several travellers at the Barcoo Hotel, again organised by Virginia, and then we enjoyed a meal with her and Mike. This was their first meal together for five days as she had not been able to travel from town to their property because of the flood waters.

"Old timers"

During the afternoon we checked out the sights of the town, Jackie Howe’s bronze statue, the black stump (or one of them), a century old woolscour and the Barcoo River actually flowing.

"The Roly Poly" Blackall.

Carl had a tour of the towns historic sites with local photographer, Robert Stockwell (the fifth). Robert showed Carl some of his favourite subjects about town and gave a good history lesson on the Blackall area, an excellent perspective of the region from a grazier come artist.

"The nest", Balckall.

We got away early and had a great stop at Tambo (home of the famous “Tambo Teddies”) where we got a nice surprise at the delightful Fannie Mae’s cafe when the owner generously cut our fuel and food bill in half. Carl dropped brochures to shops and spoke with some of the local blokes, surprisingly one of the blokes is involved with long term men’s health study with Queensland University.

"J Howe, the champion", Blackall

Our arrival in Charleville signalled a very busy afternoon which will be reported upon tomorrow.