"The big finger", Brisbane.

We finished the trip on Thursday in grand style, appropriately at the hand (finger to us) sculpture in Eagle Street Brisbane. Lang drove Willy over the gutter and parked right beside the vertical hand.

We were welcomed by the CEO of the Prostate Council Foundation of Australia Andrew Giles, the PCFA Queensland Manager Graeme Higgs, PCFA Events Co ordinator Alison Bannan, and our families and friends. Channel 10 filmed the arrival and the segment went to air on Thursday night..

"Carl, Bev, Lang and Andrew"

We have had a very successful trip, with each of us engaging, mainly on a one to one basis, with many hundreds of men in the rural areas we covered. Hopefully this will lead to many more men having a conversation with their doctors about their health, the importance of an annual full medical check, and taking preventative measures to look after themselves.

Having a medical background I have been very interested in the great programs that are available in most of the regions we visited, mainly run by Queensland Health and The Flying Doctor Service. I have a lot of admiration to the dedicated staff who are running these programs, and the huge areas they need to cover to achieve their aims. The residents of the rural areas still face the tyranny of distance especially when a patient needs specialist intervention, and can have long waits to get appointments and then have huge distances to travel.

Another problem we identified and this is not exclusive to the rural areas is that some GP’s are reluctant to offer or carry out the prostate cancer checks. I can only reiterate the message we have been delivering – that men after 40 need to insist on these dedicated tests along with the usual tests that are done for a regular medical examination.

Jack, Lang, Bev, Oscar, Carl, Alexander and Rachel.

On Sunday we are looking forward to our welcome back from the FM 101.5 crew Caboolture.