2014 already ???It has been some time since the last posting and Lang, Bev and I have been busy with a variety of projects. The site has also been down for quite some time, and as per the last posting, we have been searching for ‘the next machine’, and have finally found it. A 1924 Dodge Brothers utility, the same model as the wanted photograph. We are now heavily involved with supporting ManUp!,  an excellent organisation that are all about supporting men that are living with or recovering from prostate cancer.

ManUp! are out to raise enough funds for the employment of 14 dedicated cancer care Nurses for men living with prostate and cancer. This is a big task, and we want your support.

On the 27th of August 2014, we are departing from the Freemasons Lodge in Ann street Brisbane on our next expedition, ‘ManUp On The Road’.  ManUp! are being supported by the Freemasons, and we are very proud to be working with such wonderful organisations.

Once again Willy will be riding high out front on the radiator, but this time he is on a 1924 Dodge Brothers utility named Doodle the Dodge. Along with Doodle, we have a second machine names Brutus. Brutus is Lang’s 1942 Dodge Carry all. Both machines are presently being prepared for a 5300 Km tour, that will see us visiting over 40 fundraising and information events supported and conducted by the Freemasons around Queensland.

Doodle the Dodge is at Roy Wilkie Industries, having the paint and panel works completed by their team of dedicated craftsmen, led by the ever enthusiast Brian Costello.  RWI are painting Doodle in the ManUp! colours, and photographs of the progress will be posted shortly.

Lang and Bev Kidby restored the 1942 Dodge in Texas, and it has only recently arrived on our shores. It is a spectacular machine, and pretty big. Brutus is a left hand drive, four wheel drive ex-military machine. It is big and loud, and stands out in a crowd, and as usual, the Dodge is a credit to Lang and Bev’s continual restoration of interesting vehicles.

This is the first of many planned tours for ManUp!. This tour is again focused on getting blokes talking about their health, and not hiding things from their families, friends and Doctors. We are also challenging Doctors to prompt men into more open communication regarding their health concerns. As you know, most good Aussie blokes would be happier denying a missing limb than admitting they have any health concerns.

Prostate cancer will effect one in five Queensland men in their life times, and early detection will always be better than hiding symptoms until it is too late. Beat it, before it beats you!.

I’m very lucky to be here today, and this is only because I followed my gut feeling, and sort a second opinion about my health. If I hadn’t manned up, my boys wouldn’t have their daddy today. My health is paramount, as this lets me enjoy time with my family, as the moments only come once.

Regardless of how I think my health is, I now have six monthly full blood tests, and can happily say I am very well. I urge all men to do the same, as it is better to catch a problem and nip it in the bud, than have the problem catch you off guard

We will be posting information about the tour as we get closer and when we hit the road, as will the Freemasons and ManUp!.

Stay tuned and watch this space.

Stay well and have fun.
Kind regards

Carl, Lang and the ManUp team